To: Poole Council

Don't fine people for begging in Poole

Don't use Public Space Protection Orders to fine people for begging.

Why is this important?

The idea of fining those who already have so little, that they are forced to sleep out in the cold or ask for food and money is a cruel and heartless act. This is attacking vulnerable people and does not resolve the issues homeless people face.

Other campaigns have successfully stopped other councils from imposing similar fines. Nottingham has proposed £60-100 fines, but others are planning up to £1000. Councils use get-outs that they're "intentionally homeless" or "not vulnerable enough" to avoid helping these people. Most have one or more health conditions. We live in a rich western enlightened democracy apparently. Do you want this to happen in your name?

We've already had a response from Poole Council's Safer Communities Manager, Ian Cooke, who invites us all to go and have a chat with him: "if you are so concerned about the plight of the homeless and those begging on the streets of Poole you might like to come and discuss the issues with me". If you'd like to share you views with Mr Cooke please feel free to email him on:

This campaign is based on this information from Poole council's website, the order lasts for 3 years and was introduced in December 2014:

If you have anything that suggests that Poole Council are no longer able to fine people for begging then we'd love to hear more from you, drop us an email at

Poole, Dorset

Reasons for signing

  • Horrific to target those who already have nothing
  • It’s dicusting if you haven’t want street cat named bob it will change your purrrrseption on life
  • all I can say is empathy


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Ok people, we're live again... new evidence today that these orders ARE being used.
Another homeless person in court tomorrow. The council are seeking to extend the area covered by the order massively. PLEASE visit this link to their feedback page and VOTE AGAINST everything... THANK YOU!

2017-01-30 12:03:01 +0000

The council deny actions under this statute, yet begging is a public offence: Someone was recently charged: "CARLA JANE MAIDMENT proved in her absence to be begging in a public place at the Quay Car Park, on 2/8/16. Fined £50. Also admits to failing to surrender to custody at Bournemouth Magistrates on 19/1/17 having been released on bail in criminal proceedings on 19/8/16. Fined £50. To pay £30 victim surcharge and £100 court costs."

2017-01-20 16:07:08 +0000

Just had an enquiry about running a story on this from the Bournemouth Echo.... Mark, any chance of emailing me a telephone number? Would love to have a chat about getting a story into the Echo about this issue. I'm one of the journalists there.
Email me at if you want

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This was the start of the process in 2014... We nearly have 500 signatures... keep going. Let's stop Poole Council from extending these orders into other areas and using them inappropriately like other councils have:

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