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To: Kent County Council

Don't Cut Faversham Library Opening Hours

Don't Cut Faversham Library Opening Hours

Reverse your proposal to cut Faversham Library opening hours by 30%. Maintain our library's existing hours. Develop a plan for increasing usage of our library.

Why is this important?

The library is one of the few indoor public spaces in Faversham that everyone has access to.

Kent County Council have just completed a major refurbishment of the library, if council tax payers are to get the benefit from this expenditure they need a library which at a minimum retains its opening hours.

A 16 hour reduction in weekly opening could mean the library being closed for one extra day a week and opening hours reducing on other days. This will be a considerable inconvenience to local residents and could lead to a reduction in users and further cuts.

Please help us maintain library hours and once you have signed the petition visit to respond to the formal consultation

How it will be delivered

We plan to deliver the petition in person to the Kent County Council offices


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2018-12-27 17:26:19 +0000

Here is an update

Collecting signatures
People still need to sign the petition, so please forward it to friends and relatives. If you know library users who aren't online they can sign at the Fleur de Lis Centre, Preston Street. We will also collect signatures outside the library on Saturday mornings for the next few weeks. Next sessions are at 12.30pm 5th January and 9.30am 12th January. Let me know if you can help at [email protected] or to 07854 649 776.

Relevant local council meetings
Swale councillors will be discussing a motion asking KCC to abandon their proposal at a full council meeting on Wednesday 9 January. Faversham councillors are due to have a discussion on Monday 14 January at their full council meeting.

Delivering the petition
We will be delivering the petition to County Hall, Maidstone in mid-February, just before Kent County Council set their budget for 2019/20.

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500 signatures reached

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