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To: The BBC

Don't exclude the Greens

Don't exclude the Greens

Outside of election periods the BBC does 3 sets of Party Political Broadcasts a year. The BBC Trust has just amended the criteria the corporation uses to decide qualification for these broadcasts, and award UKIP a place in each set of broadcasts in England and Wales. This was done on the grounds that whilst they only have one MP, they secured millions of votes in the general election and in the European parliamentary election the year before. At the same time the corporation is continuing to exclude the Green Party who, whilst like UKIP only have one MP, also received over a million votes in both the general and European elections.

According to the BBC, they've reconsidered their position on UKIP as in the run up to the EU referendum they think its important that the Eurosceptic parties voice is heard. The Green Party also its own distinctive view on the EU and is the only party that will make the case for using any renegotiation as a basis for reforming Europe in the interests of the common good to strengthen workers rights and fight inequality and climate change.

We demand that in recognition of the same criteria you used to give UKIP access to all three of these Party Political Broadcasts you also give at least some access to the Green Party and its 1.2 million supporters

Note -

Why is this important?

The EU referendum is already going to be dominated by the voices of fear and big business that dominate our media. By giving UKIP a further platform to espouse their divisive rhetoric the situation is only going to get worse.

The EU is a very flawed institution, it is undemocratic and overly bureaucratic and needs serious reform; but it also enshrines fundamental protection for people at work and the environment (among many other benefits). These are areas the Conservative are already attacking with their draconian Trade Union bill and their shameful attack renewable subsidies and the extension of fracking.

By once again excluding the Green Party and ignoring our rising support the BBC is not only acting undemocratically, but is excluding progressive voices and setting the frames of reference for the EU debate in an increasingly negative way.

This debate is going to be crucial to the future of society and needs to be as open, inclusive and democratic as possible. We need to ensure all views are heard, and stop them crowding out the viewpoints that care about the interests of ordinary people and our environment.


Reasons for signing

  • Green Party has the same number of MPs as UKIP- so Greens should be on BBC TV too!
  • Views need representing, whether you agree wit hthme or not.
  • Aren't we supposed to be living in a democracy? Democracies don't smother voices


2015-12-25 21:59:03 +0000

Wow, thank you everyone who's signed this petition already. I can't believe in just 3 days 6 and a half thousand of you have given us your signatures, especially as its Christmas and we've all got so many other things going on and distracting us.

We've already received some favourable press coverage from the Huffington Post -

Please keep spreading the word about the BBC's latest shameful display of bias, and share this petition as widely as you can. We know the effect that people power and petitions like this can have. Lets do this!

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