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To: UK Government

DUPs views have no place in our government

DUPs views have no place in our government

Don’t let the DUP’s views on abortion, same-sex marriage and climate change influence government policy

Why is this important?

Some of the DUP’s views are dangerous. They include being anti-abortion, opposing
same-sex marriage, and denying climate change. These views have no place in British politics. But they could end up having a lot of influence in the government.

The UK government should lead the world on these issues. If the DUPs backwards agenda is allowed to influence UK government policy, it could set us back years.

If you believe in action on climate change, the right of women to choose, and the right of every LGBT person to marry whoever they want, please sign the petition.


Reasons for signing

  • Apart from the DUPs climate denial, opposition to same sex marriage, creationism and anti abortion policies, an agreement between them and the Tory government, indeed any UK government makes it impossible for that govt to act as mediator in the current Stormont impasse as it cannot claim objectivity or independence.
  • As well as being totally opposed to the DUP policies mentioned, I also see this as a terrible betrayal of the work of all those who have worked so hard to bring peace to Northern Ireland. Clearly a Prime Minister who cares more for her own political survival than for the people of these islands.
  • Political dealings behind closed doors are always dishonest and bad democracy, when you take a gamble you should accept sometimes you lose.


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