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To: Prime Minister Boris Johnson and Robert Jenrick, the Secretary of State for Housing, Communities and Local Government

Don’t lift the ban on evictions until renters are protected

Ensure no-one is evicted as a result of the coronavirus crisis:

- Give judges the power to protect renters from evictions due to rent arrears under ground 8 and section 21.
- Extend the ban on evictions until the law is amended.

Why is this important?

Millions of people, who have struggled to pay rent due to coronavirus, could soon be forced out of their home - because the government's temporary ban on evictions is set to end on the 23rd August. And as it stands there are no laws or proper protections in place to stop landlords evicting those of us who have lost our jobs and struggled to pay rent during the crisis.

To fix this mess, influential MPs and housing experts are calling on the government to give judges the power to protect renters from being evicted because of arrears caused by coronavirus. Only then can the government lift the ban on evictions.

We need to send the government a clear message: Make sure renters are properly protected before lifting the ban on evictions. So that no one is forced from their home due to the coronavirus crisis. A huge petition, signed by hundreds and thousands of people across the country, is the first step




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