Supporting people during the coronavirus crisis

38 Degrees members are coming together to support people during the coronavirus crisis.

Together we're holding the government and companies to account to ensure that no-one falls through the cracks. From protecting renters from eviction, to ensuring our benefits system works for everyone, to making sure people are safe when they return to work.

The country has never faced a crisis like this before, and it's going to take all of us coming together to get through it.

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  • Protect everyone during the coronavirus crisis
    Thousands of people are in dire circumstances after being deprived of most public funds since the coronavirus outbreak because of strict visa restrictions. Under current rules, people here on short term visas are subjected to the “no recourse to public funds” policy, meaning that they are prevented from accessing many benefits, such as Universal Credit. Councils are prevented from giving them certain help, including access to housing. This harsh rule is leaving thousands of families really struggling to survive during the coronavirus pandemic. We’re calling on the Home Secretary, the UK Work and Pensions Secretary and the government as a whole to scrap the “no recourse for public funds” status for migrants during Covid-19.
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  • Don’t lift the ban on evictions until renters are protected
    Millions of people, who have struggled to pay rent due to coronavirus, could soon be forced out of their home - because the government's temporary ban on evictions is set to end on the 23rd August. And as it stands there are no laws or proper protections in place to stop landlords evicting those of us who have lost our jobs and struggled to pay rent during the crisis. To fix this mess, influential MPs and housing experts are calling on the government to give judges the power to protect renters from being evicted because of arrears caused by coronavirus. Only then can the government lift the ban on evictions. We need to send the government a clear message: Make sure renters are properly protected before lifting the ban on evictions. So that no one is forced from their home due to the coronavirus crisis. A huge petition, signed by hundreds and thousands of people across the country, is the first step
    38,338 of 40,000 Signatures
    Created by Linda Baharier
  • Protect all staff returning to work
    The UK Government’s draft plans to reopen our workplaces safely after the lockdown are being criticised for not going far enough. The Government are planning to issue guidelines to employers, but more needs to be done. In particular: 1. Forcing business to make risk assessments of workplaces public 2. Properly holding businesses to account to protect staff There isn’t long before the Government will set their plans in stone. Add your name to the petition now to ensure we can return to work confident that we will be kept safe.
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  • Don't Leave Disabled People Behind
    The Government has chosen to ‘focus on new claimants’ by providing an extra £20 a week for people claiming Universal Credit. By doing this, they are discriminating against millions of disabled people on other out of work disability benefits. Disabled people are experiencing additional costs and risks as a result of COVID-19, but are without the extra support they need to manage these. As a result, people are having to choose between heating their home, or paying for a taxi to go and collect their medication because public transport is too unsafe. They are having to put themselves at risk by going to their local shop because they can't afford the minimum spend needed to get a free food delivery. Disabled people have been expected to survive on inadequate benefit levels for years. It is unacceptable that now, in a time of national crisis they are being left behind. The Government have, by increasing the rate for some, admitted that people need more financial support. They must now provide a better safety net for everyone. MP's and over 100 disability organisations have already called on the Government to provide parity between the support given to new benefit claimants, and the millions of people who were already on disability benefits. Will you sign the petition to ensure people aren't pushed into debt? Will you sign to ensure people's safety? Don't leave disabled people behind.
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    Created by Ella Abraham Picture
  • Help domestic abuse survivors during the Coronavirus crisis
    With the nation in lockdown, victims of domestic abuse are trapped with their abusers and isolated from support. Even before Coronavirus, there weren’t enough bed places for women to leave - with 3 out of 5 women referred to refuges being turned away for lack of space. Now, rates of domestic abuse are increasing, and we’re in a national crisis. Women’s Aid has seen a 41% increase in survivors trying to access support online. But for many women, digital support won’t be enough. Many desperately need accommodation away from abuse. But there could be a place for these women to go. While many survivors and their children need to access safe accommodation, hotel rooms and across the country are empty due to cancelled events and travel plans. The French government has already committed to housing those fleeing domestic abuse in hotels. In the UK, Southall Black Sisters have successfully lobbied hotels to agree to house those escaping domestic abuse. The hotels are not looking to make a profit on this - only cover their costs We need a firm commitment from the Government that they will pay hotels across the county so that no survivor is trapped with their abuser.
    80,544 of 100,000 Signatures
    Created by Martha Jephcott and Charlotte Fischer
  • Help people pay rent now
    As the coronavirus crisis continues and many of us are losing our jobs, more people than ever will be applying for housing benefits to help us get through. But unless the government increases the amount of rent it covers, thousands of people still won’t be able to afford their rent. That’s because right now housing benefits only cover the cost of the cheapest 30% of rent prices, and it can leave people hundreds of pounds short on their rent. With so many people suddenly relying on housing benefits to pay rent, and with no option to move to a cheaper flat, we’re calling on the government to increase the Local Housing Allowance to cover at least the average cost of renting and remove any caps stopping people getting the full amount. Will you sign the petition now, and help make sure that those impacted by the coronavirus crisis have the support they need.
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  • End the 5 week wait for Universal Credit during Coronavirus
    Hundreds of thousands of people - who have lost their jobs or had their hours reduced due to Coronavirus - are now being forced to claim Universal Credit in order to feed their families and keep a roof over their head. But instead of being able to get the help they need immediately, they are forced to wait for 5 weeks before they can get any money, or take out a loan called an “advanced payment” to tide them over. It means families will have to choose between going into debt and having smaller benefits payments in the coming months, or waiting over a month for money they need to pay for food, bills and rent. It doesn’t have to be like this. In this time of national crisis, the government could choose to end the 5 week wait by making the “advance payment” for Universal Credit a grant not a loan. This would mean families get the money they need straight away, and their full universal credit payment in the following months. MPs and experts are calling on them to do exactly this. Huge public pressure could be enough to push them to do the right thing. Will you sign the petition so that people get the money they need, when they need it, without being pushed into debt?
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    Created by Stefan Ebelewicz
  • Provide a British Sign Language interpreter for Daily Government Briefings
    The Coronavirus pandemic is a global emergency and the daily Government updates are one of the most important broadcasts of our time. That is why it is vital deaf people have access to such crucial information at this time and having a British Sign Language interpreter at the daily press conferences would make it easier for deaf people to follow at home.
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    Created by Lisa Swain
  • Support self-employed people during coronavirus
    Last Friday, the UK government promised billions of pounds in support for workers - but when this announcement was made, self-employed workers seemed to slip through the cracks. Around five million of us working in the UK are self-employed. And right now, these workers are being left without equal support during the coronavirus pandemic. Schemes that help busineses keep afloat and ensure people can still receive their wages should be extended to self-employed workers as well. Right now, rumours are swirling that the Chancellor, Rishi Sunak, might announce plans to help self-employed people. But the risk is that he won’t go far enough, and self-employed workers will still be left out of pocket.
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  • Protect renters during coronavirus!
    On March 18, the government announced a 3-month ban on evictions, thanks to the efforts of 38 Degrees members, London Renters Union and the renters movement. However, the legislation that the government announced is weak, meaning thousands of people struggling to pay rent could still be chucked out of their homes in just three months. Some evictions are still taking place. The government has also so far failed to take action to suspend rent payments. No one should have to pay rent or get in to debt to their landlord during this crisis. This is a public health issue. If renters have to continue to earn large sums of money to pay rent, they will be unable to stay at home or look after those around them after the end of the current lockdown. Without action to suspend rent payments, large numbers of renters are now entering into debt to their landlord. Tens of thousands of people will be left trying to rebuild their lives while in huge amounts of debt. There will be an evictions crisis. People who already face the worst impacts of the housing crisis are likely to face some of the worst impacts of Coronavirus. The poorest and most vulnerable will be hardest hit. Homeless people need safe and secure homes to keep healthy. There are 216,000 empty homes across the UK. - these should be made available to homeless people to live in.
    105,270 of 200,000 Signatures
    Created by London Renters Union LRU