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Don't limit access to contraceptive services

30/04/18 - We were successful!!!

Thank you all for your support. The CCG commented that they had never received so much feedback before.

Vasectomies will continue to be funded, and female sterilisation will still be available on the NHS when alternative long acting forms of contraception have been exhausted. There are still restrictions on IVF but the CCG has made concessions.

I received great support from the Women's Forum of Bath Labour party, and I don't think this campaign would have been successful without their hard work. Protect our NHS Bath was also a valuable support.

Thank you all for getting involved. We presented a printout of the petition to the CCG at their public meeting and it seems to have had a real impact.

In the course of the campaign, we learnt that BANES has a funding shortfall of £6 million for the next financial year. I will continue to monitor threats to services and continue to campaign for transparency around a publicly funded comprehensive NHS, free at the point of delivery.

Thank you all again.

With best wishes,

Maddy Piper

Don't limit access to contraceptive services

Don't stop providing NHS vasectomy and female sterilisation services in Bath.

Why is this important?

Bath NHS are proposing to stop funding male vasectomies and female sterilisations in Bath and North East Somerset (BANES) in all but exceptional cases. This will force people to have to pay if they want these contraceptive services.

Privatising access to vasectomy and female sterilisation services will affect the most vulnerable members of our community. We should all be free to choose the most appropriate method of contraception, and that decision should not be limited by ability to pay. Real poverty is back in Britain and unplanned pregnancies impact hardest on the most vulnerable. Help us to keep comprehensive contraception available to all on the NHS.


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