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To: Boundary Commission for England

Don’t wipe Hove off the map

18/10/17 We won!

We are now pleased as punch to say that you succeeded. You saved Hove. It will not be wiped off the map. Thank you!

This morning, the Boundary Commission for England announced that it had withdrawn its proposals to end historic Hove as an independent constituency. Here's an extract:

"The Hands Off Hove campaign, opposing our initial proposal to transfer Hove Park ward to a Brighton North constituency, was signed by 4,515 individuals during our initial consultation period. As they said, ‘Brighton and Hove may be partners in the formation of the city but they vigorously maintain their separate and distinct identities.’ These sentiments were reflected across the bulk of representations mentioning Hove."

So thank you again for signing this petition, writing all those letters and emails and supporting the Hands off Hove campaign. Sometimes public consultation and big campaigns work, and this time the strength of your feelings won the day.

Boundary Commission for England: please don’t wipe Hove Borough off the map. Don’t erase the distinctive, stand-alone name of Hove, don’t merge Hove into Brighton and don’t destroy our community. Let Hove remain Hove.

Why is this important?

The Boundary Commission for England is planning to get rid of Hove, by ripping out the Hove Park area and moving it into Brighton (a new constituency called ‘Brighton North’), then abolishing the rest of Hove as a separate entity and instead merging it into Brighton – in a new constituency called ‘Brighton Central and Hove’, where Hove gets second billing. As a result, the ancient borough of Hove, as a place in its own right, will disappear from the political map forever.

Some will see this as a final nail in Hove’s coffin. And surely no-one who has lived in Hove or Brighton for more than five minutes will think it makes sense. It is, as Albion saviour Dick Knight has called it, an ill-conceived plan that fails “to recognise and understand the unique fabric of the city – two towns united as a city but happily divided by their own distinct identities.”

Hove is completely distinct from Brighton – a different town with its own look and feel, architecture, society and social fabric. Chopping Hove up and then making it a junior partner of Brighton brings independent Hove to an end. It destroys Hove’s traditional, natural and deeply embedded community ties and replaces them with new, artificial ties that make no sense. Hove will no longer be Hove.

This not only destroys Hove but fundamentally changes the character of the whole area. The loss of Hove threatens to undermine the social fabric of this young city, to the detriment of all. And it will be devastating to the people of Hove.

So, Boundary Commission, please keep your Hands off Hove.

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2017-10-18 10:57:15 +0100

Petition is successful with 4,714 signatures

2016-11-28 23:28:04 +0000

We have less than a week to save Hove from being wiped off the map. The authorities will listen most closely to individual comments, so we're asking everyone: please visit and have your say. It need not take long.

To make life easier, we’ve compiled 14 reasons why the plans are appalling for Hove - at . And there are brief "do and don't" guidelines at

You are welcome to use whatever you want from our pages to help form your own comments.

But please do it by Monday 5th December 2016. That's when the consultation on Hove's future ends.

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1,000 signatures reached

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