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To: All UKsupermarkets

Donate all Supermarket past 'sell by date food' waste to food banks

Donate all Supermarket past 'sell by date food' waste to food banks

Make all past sell by date food waste available for distribution by the UK food banks.

Why is this important?

Its a no brainer. People are hungry and poor and food is being wasted. Three men were recently arrested for taking food from a supermarket skip, this food would be wasted and yet the needy get arrested for taking it.

Reasons for signing

  • We waste far too much food that is still viable we should have family's going hungry with the amount we throw away
  • should go hungry today and the churche's are working very hard to make SURE THEY DONT! but people cannot be blamed for being cynical when some are abusing this system to spend /waste money on selfishly. but we cannot let those people be deprived of food..have to give on face value.
  • Just crazy to waste food when people are going hungry. No excuses about cartels competition and market share. Just do it!


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