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Dont Fund Terrorism

Dont Fund Terrorism

We want Amazon to remove the product titled "Mohammed's Koran,Why Muslims Kill for Islam". By Peter McLoughlin and Tommy Robinson

Why is this important?

This book is insighting racial and religious hatred which is already rampant in the UK. We have witnessed absurd and horrific attacks but yet as a community, proudly stood out against hatred.

This book has many things besides the name and the cover wrong with it.
Many Muslims will be against this book promotion in fear that another brainwashed person may attack them. Many Non-Muslims will feel this book may cause radicalisation amongst them as well as cause racial stir and hatred,not mentioning the fact that there may be acts of violence and retaliation.
Lets stand together and Unite against all acts of terrorism. Dont help fund Tommy and his fellow brainwashed colleagues.
Please sign this petition and help remove the item from sale,as we have contacted Amazon but they will not remove it right away. We should act now with a simple signature on this petition as a community so that Amazon can monitor future products as well as remove this title.

How it will be delivered

We will send this link over to Amazon to see where we stand as consumers as well as a community.
Hopefully they (Amazon) can begin to monitor items better, and we as a community can educate each other through small things like this in order to better our understanding for each other. Huge organisations should not allow this type of material.

London, UK

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Reasons for signing

  • This has nothing to do with the killings saying being white is why america invaded iraq afghanistan etc nothing could be further from the truth
  • To help eradicate people who cause hatred amongst our beautiful society.


2017-07-28 21:28:22 +0100

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