To: Minister for Women and Equalities The Rt Hon Justine Greening MP

Drop Women’s Marital Status Titles

Drop Women’s Marital Status Titles

Why should a woman have to describe her marital status in all aspects of life from a doctor registration form to a bank account application?

It is archaic. A woman's place in society is no longer dictated by her marital status.

Current marital status title's for women:

Miss – unmarried 

Mrs – married 

Ms – divorced/other

I propose to replace with Ms only to indicate a female. This is aligned with Mr to indicate a male.

An 'other' option should also be available for anyone who uses a different prefix.

This question should also never be compulsory for anyone not wanting to provide their gender.

Why is this important?

Men do not have to specify their marital status at all and have a one-size-fits all title. What sort of message is this sending to women? That their marital status is somehow related to their worth? That society might judge them based on their marital status? If marital status is irrelevant to our value in society then why do we have to specify it?



2017-09-08 22:21:49 +0100

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