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Dropped Kerb Disabled Access

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Dropped Kerb Disabled Access

National Government should mandate local authorities to review and, where necessary, remedy the omission of dropped kerbs and install them whenever road work or renovation is undertaken along with protecting their availability by means of double yellow lines in the road and rigid enforcement of same. National government should set out funds for this work.

Local government has a civic responsibility to remedy the shortcomings of the present dropped kerb stock and should do so automatically whenever road work or renovation is undertaken as well as ad hoc work to add them in other areas.

Why is this important?

Dropped kerbs make a huge difference to my life and those of other disabled individuals where they are available but this availability is patchy at best with individual roads often having them only in some spots but not in others rendering overall access little better than if there were none at all.

Dropped kerbs affect individuals who use crutches or walking sticks or frames or wheelchairs or mobility scooters and also affect parents with prams too so they matter to a considerable section of the community.

Dropped kerbs need to be protected from careless parking by means of double yellow lines or they may be rendered useless even where they are otherwise available and these need to be rigidly enforced too.

This amenity is particularly important in relation to buildings where disabled access is a necessity yet, taking my local hospital as an example, outside that complex there is no dropped kerb and an over eight inch drop to the road from the pavement. This is a far from uncommon experience and highlights the need for fresh action to put these matters right.

Disabled people struggle enough to get around as it is without making this any more difficult thanks to the patchy and ill thought through provision of dropped kerbs that we currently have.

Central government action and matching funding is needed as well as local government action to put the work into place.


Reasons for signing

  • I am a disabled user and this is well overdue.
  • The social model of disability is the one to follow! People are disabled by lack of access, not by their disability.


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