To: Gavin Barwell MP, Minister for Housing

Stop discrimination by Fergus Wilson and other landlords.

Stop discrimination by Fergus Wilson and other landlords.

Make it illegal for private landlords to refuse to rent properties to tenants on the grounds of race, income, religion, sexuality, marital status or any other discriminatory policy.

Why is this important?

Fergus Wilson, a major buy-to-let landlord in Kent, has recently openly declared that he will not rent to people based on the colour of their skin “because of the smell of curry”. He also refuses to rent to single parents, victims of domestic violence, workers on low incomes, families with children, pet owners, smokers and single adults.

It it frankly unbelievable that in this day and age a landlord is legally allowed to discriminate like this, and we demand that the minister for housing stamps out this behaviour as soon as possible. Fergus Wilson and other landlords like him seem to think that we’re still living in feudal times, it’s time our laws caught up with the current century and this behaviour was made illegal.

Reasons for signing

  • he evicted my family as we are gay.... not fit to be a landlord
  • Fergus, I'm going to rent one of your houses just so I can cook curry in it for breakfast, lunch and dinner. You won't see it coming because I'm the same colour as you...but I still love curry.
  • Racial discrimination is a criminal offence, unless you're a rich Tory or UKIP donor, apparently.


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