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To: David Cameron

End circus animal cruelty

End circus animal cruelty

The government promised to take action on banning wild animals in travelling circuses but it was left out of the Queen's speech. Forcing wild animals to perform in circuses causes needless suffering. We demand a ban.

Why is this important?

Forcing wild animals to perform in circuses causes needless suffering. Beautiful wild Animals – like tigers, lions and zebras – are shunted around the country in trailers, kept alone in small cages, and forced to perform.

The best circuses have long abandoned this cruel practice and wow their audiences with talented acrobats and clowns. We aim to finally tackle those few dodgy circuses that still exploit wild animals.

Animal welfare experts like the RSPCA and the British Veterinary Association all back a ban on circus animal cruelty and they and many other animal welfare organisations have done fantastic work campaigning for a ban on wild animals in circuses.

We were expecting a ban to be announced in the Queen's speech - but this was recklessly dropped at the last hour.

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Reasons for signing

  • because I am desired to this and it make me cry seeing animals getting mistreated :(
  • As a well known elephant who ran away to join the circus, I want to have a saturday off now and then to go trumpeting the trouble is well meaning idiots are trying to take my livlyhood away and send me to an old animals wildlife park wher nobody visits in the winter.
  • it needs to stop


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Cameron's constituency of Witney is home to Amazing Animals, a company which trains wild animals for use in circuses... Hmmmmm

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