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To: Fergus Ewing, Scottish Government Cabinet Secretary for Rural Economy

End live exports of Scottish animals for fattening and slaughter

Support an end to live exports of Scottish animals for fattening and slaughter abroad. Let Scotland welcome an end to this cruel trade.

Why is this important?

In 2017, 5,500 un-weaned calves were exported from Scotland to Spain and Italy in journeys typically totalling 100 hours. Young calves can suffer from dehydration, starvation and exhaustion and are unable to regulate their body temperatures. This can result in weakened immune systems which may cause illness and even death.

After Brexit, we have a real opportunity to end the live exports of UK animals destined for Europe for slaughter and fattening.

A recent poll shows that the vast majority of Scottish voters in all parties want this to happen, yet progress on this is being held up by opposition from the Scottish Government.

This cruel and unnecessary trade was exposed in the recent programme ‘Disclosure: The Dark Side of Dairy’ which highlighted how these young calves can suffer during these horrendously long journeys. Soon after the show aired, P&O Ferries made the bold and courageous move to cease co-operating with the Scottish Government to transport calves across the Irish Sea destined for the continent.

P&O have been stalwart in their decision to end the suffering of innocent calves. Now it is time for the Scottish Government to show the same courage and drop their objections to a ban.




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