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To: Michael Gove - Defra

End long distance live animal transport

On the 3rd December 2020 the Environment Secretary announced plans to ban live exports following Britain’s departure from the EU. This ban is dependent upon the result of an eight-week consultation, beginning today, which seeks views on ending the export of live animals for slaughter and fattening where the journeys begin or transit through England or Wales.

Due to this awful trade, animals must endure excessively long journeys, and frequently experience pain, exhaustion, stress and overcrowding. Having campaigned to put an end to this suffering for over 50 years, we are delighted to hear that the Government plans to ban live exports at long last. Echoing our sentiments exactly, George Eustice, Defra Secretary of State, called the trade a “cruel and unnecessary practice”, in a press release on the announcement.

Put in place a ban on live animal exports to come into force as soon as we leave the EU.

Why is this important?

Every year, live animals from British farms are transported hundreds, or even over a thousand, miles to places where they will be slaughtered or fattened for slaughter.

Animals are crammed into vehicles. Some are injured or trampled. They can be in transit for days, suffering extremes of temperature and can go without sufficient food, water or rest. Animals are sentient beings and feel pain and stress just like we do.

Animals are often shipped alive only to be slaughtered at journey’s end, sometimes using inhumane methods.

Michael Gove the Minister responsible for farming has just opened a government consultation on live animal transport. Currently this trade is governed by EU law, not the UK Government, but once we leave the EU we have the opportunity to ban this inhume trade. If thousands of us sign this petition and hand it in to his consultation, we could see the end of this cruel treatment for animals.




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