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To: UK government

End social services bullying of innocent parents

I would like the government to debate the very real problem of social services using child protection proceedings to bully parents who have complained in order to silence those families. Fabricated and induced illness (was munchausens by proxy) is a very rare condition, yet it is frequently used against parents who complain that health, education, and social services aren't meeting their child's needs.

Why is this important?

Families are ripped apart by inappropriate use of child protection proceedings, children are not having their needs met by services and when families complain they are being punished, not helped. Accusations of fii/msbp lead to difficulties for both parents and children in getting appropriate healthcare and have directly caused death in one recent case. Whilst using child protection threats and procedure to abuse families who are only seeking the support their children need, those who are actually being abused are being neglected and left in dangerous situations.

Reasons for signing

  • It's rife.
  • Covering medical ineptitude by blaming parents and then when the allegation is found to be malicious leaving the accusation on the children’s medical file is a breach of the child’s human rights and not right or just.
  • Social Services make so many false accusations. And never listen to what you have to say but can take your kids away with a click of a button!. I mean i havent experienced anything to do with my baby being taken but as soon as someone opens there mouth social services are at your door.. they dont listen to your side first 🙄


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