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To: The government

End the use of isolation units as a sanction in education

End the use of isolation units as a sanction in education

Ban the use of isolation as a sanction for challenging behaviour in schools.

Why is this important?

Vulnerable children with complex needs are being placed in small and restrictive isolation booths for long periods of time - sometimes the whole day and even full school weeks. This is often for trivial offences such as uniform issues.
Parents are sometimes not told or informed euphemistically that their children are in the ‘ inclusion unit’
This is damaging the mental health of young people and the potential long term effects need to be properly researched.
We need to have a debate in parliament about this dubious practice.


Reasons for signing

  • You wouldn’t ask a child to run around a field with a broken leg if any child has any kind of trauma this can have devastating effects on their mental health
  • My son spent twelve months in isolation. It doesn’t work, they resent their captors even more and will school refuse having nothing left to lose. Teachers fail to provide work set in lessons as they are already stretched and this does not address any issues. These pupils are often of strong mindset who challenge the system. They will usually go further in life than the school would have them believe.
  • My children (with SEN) experienced isolation in a primary school. The effects contributed to them being unable to cope @school at all & they ended up so traumatised they couldn't attend at all for months. No child should ever have to experience the trauma of isolation.


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