To: The Government, Sponsors and Men's teams

Equal Consideration for Women in Sport in England

Equal Consideration for Women in Sport in England

England women are ranked in the top 4 in Football, Hockey, Rugby and Cricket. Yet their funding and sponsorship no where matches the men's teams. The women's rugby 15 s will lose their funding after the World Cup next month.
It's about time there was an end to sexual discrimination in sport and that girls and women can develop knowing they have as much support as boys and men do.

Why is this important?

It's important for the future development of girls and women's sport. Ultimately for all sport in our country.
It's about gender equality and opportunities. Girls need positive roles models like boys do in all aspects of life. Sports enables development of confidence, teamwork and skills.

It's also fun but not if you have to fight at every step to access opportunities readily available for boys and men.


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