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To: The Rt Hon Oliver Letwin MP, Chancellor of the Duchy of Lancaster, Cabinet Office.

EU Referendum - Votes For All

EU Referendum - Votes For All

Currently, all British Citizens who have resided overseas for a period of more than 15 years lose their entitlement to vote in all UK elections. We call on HM Government to amend the Political Parties, Elections and Referendums Act (2000) to enable all British Citizens living overseas the right to vote in the forthcoming EU Referendum.

Why is this important?

This is the biggest single political decision the United Kingdom has faced in the past 40 years and it would be morally repugnant to prevent British Citizens currently resident abroad from voting in the in / out referendum, considering the significance of the decision being made.

It is estimated that somewhere in the region of 5.5 million British Citizens currently reside overseas, with nearly 2 million living in the EU. These people move abroad for a variety of reasons, work, family, health or to retire to name but a few. Many have family ties remaining in UK and, contrary to popular opinion, moving overseas does not mean these people have turned their back on the UK. Many continue to take a keen interest in news and political developments back home and despite long-term residence overseas, some continue to be UK taxpayers through occupational pensions, rental of UK properties whilst abroad or from other income derived in the UK. As the law currently stands, once you have resided overseas for more than 15 years, you lose your entitlement to vote in any elections in the UK, whether you are a UK taxpayer or not. We face the situation where many British Citizens are to be denied a say in the long-term future of the UK in relation to the EU and the rest of the world. Their voices should also be heard and rightly so.

Reasons for signing

  • It has been said that expatriates are more likely to vote Conservative or to stay in the EU but if you don't like it you should campaign against them not rig the system.
  • Grossly unfair that Irish, Maltese and Cypriots can vote and we are punished for having been working/living abroad and not allowed to vote anywhere.
  • I have lived in Italy for 6 years although I have a property in the UK where I have tenants living. It seems absurd that many of the British people who will be most directly affected by this issue cannot vote on it.


2016-03-05 04:26:02 +0000

1,000 signatures reached

2015-06-17 11:52:00 +0100

Many people have contacted me to say they have been unable to sign as they don't have a UK postcode, a restriction of the 38 Degrees systems. Another, similar petition to this one, has been started on If you are not resident in the UK, please have consider supporting that one instead.

2015-05-28 10:49:27 +0100

500 signatures reached

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100 signatures reached

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10 signatures reached

2015-05-20 14:39:19 +0100

I've already received communication from several of you based outside the UK to tell me that the 38 Degrees server won't allow you to sign without a UK postcode. I've spoken to 38 Degrees staff who tell me that there is no way around this as their server only accepts valid UK postcodes. I have uploaded a blank paper form to here please complete it and get in touch with me so I can let you know where to send it to, or you could scan it and email it to me using the contact link above. Thanks

If you're within the 15 year term, you could sign with your previous UK address as that is the one used for your voter registration information..