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To: Shropshire NHS Services

Fair Funding for Shropshire's Mental Health Services

Fair Funding for Shropshire's Mental Health Services

Shropshire has just been allocated £312 million, we need £12 million of that to be spent on Children, Adolescent & Adult Mental Health Services.

Why is this important?

Our mental health services have been so dangerously underfunded, there aren't enough Psychiatrists, Psychologists, mental health nurses to support the thousands of children & adults who have a neurological & /or mental health problem, to enable them to function. We need a service that is fit for purpose, especially since January, when a teenage lad with aspergers wasn't deemed to be in crisis & was given an appointment for 3 months time. He sadly couldn't wait that long & walked in front of an early morning train.
We need to tell the MP's of Shropshire, Telford & Wrekin & NHS Management that mental health needs a decent percentage of this funding, before we lose anymore of our community!

Shropshire County

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Reasons for signing

  • Since 2 more Psychiatrists left last Friday, we have only ONE clinician left. We need better funding to attract lots of clinicians so they aren't required to take on 250 cases, more like the 30 they can manage safely. Once we have better funding, we can work on education! 😉xx


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