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To: Minouche Shafik (LSE Director), Shirley Pearce (Chair of Court and Council)

#LSEPayUp - Fair Pay for LSE Support Staff Now!

#LSEPayUp - Fair Pay for LSE Support Staff Now!

Recognise the negative effects of pay stagnation experienced by hard-working support staff at LSE by meeting the reasonable claim for a pay uplift submitted by UNISON, UCU and Unite.

Why is this important?

Support staff are an integral #partofLSE, and yet receive cuts to their pay in real terms year on year. Coupled with soaring childcare, transport, and living costs and a housing crisis in London that forces them to move further and further away from LSE, they are struggling to make ends meet.

In Spring 2017 UNISON, Unite and UCU conducted a survey into the effects of pay stagnation on LSE support staff: 80% feel their work is not valued and 86% are not happy with their pay.

The cost of living has risen by 11.9% over the last five years, and pay has risen by just 6.25%, steadily devaluing pay over time. Someone earning £25k is on average £4k worse off due to pay awards falling behind rates of inflation.

While support staff receive annual pay cuts, Senior Management pay has soared. The Director's remuneration package has increased by 71% in ten years. The total number of ‘high earners’ – those earning over £100,000, has increased by 890% in ten years. Staff costs for high earners have risen from £2.3 million in 2005-6 to £30.7 million in 2015-6, representing a 1229% increase.

LSE is in a strong financial position as detailed in its Annual Returns. It is investing substantially in its estate, and its current focus on the student experience asks more from support staff while their pay continues to devalue.

In October 2017 the Unions submitted a reasonable and affordable claim for an uplift to pay for Professional Service Staff at LSE. We call on LSE management to meet this claim.

If the LSE truly values its support staff, it must invest in them!


London School of Economics and Political Science, Houghton Street, London

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