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To: BBC Scotland

Ensure Fairness in BBC Scotland's August 25th Independence Debate

Ensure Fairness in BBC Scotland's August 25th Independence Debate

Dear Sirs

I am writing to ask for transparency in the preparations for the BBC Scotland independence referendum debate on the 25th August. I am concerned that it should be seen to be fair and balanced, both in terms of which company they employ for polling and organizing, and in how the audience is chosen. How the debate is conducted is also of great importance. Questions should not be seen to favour either side. It is only right that we should be given assurance of these in advance of the debate. Many Scots feel that there were serious problems with the management of the first debate They also believe that the BBC has been shown to favour one side in this campaign. The people of Scotland - no matter how they vote - deserve to be treated with respect and fairness in this very important debate.

Why is this important?

The referendum on the 18th September is the most important decision that the people of Scotland could be asked to make. A great deal is at stake for both sides of the argument, and for the rest of the UK. Many of us believe that much of the Scottish and UK media has treated the Yes Campaign and pro-independence supporters with contempt and outright condescension. This petition is urging BBC Scotland to recognize the importance of giving both sides of the debate an equal opportunity to voice their arguments for and against independence.

Reasons for signing

  • One last chance for the BBC to retain an ounce of credibility. Do the right thing!
  • Biased Broadcasting Corporation. Cannot be trusted. They are owned by vested interest parties and do what they are told. The fact that this petition is necessary speaks volumes.
  • facts not fiction is needed for people to make a decision.


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