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Fireworks Regulated displays Only

Fireworks Regulated displays Only

Stop the sale of fireworks to anyone, have only authorised and legal firework displays.

Why is this important?

Stop the accidents in home displays, and distress to people and animals.

Reasons for signing

  • I could just about accept home fireworks being set off on 5th November and possibly New Year's Eve at a push. But it's the selfish types who then set them off most other nights around those dates to suit themselves that I object to. Our large dog is absolutely terrified of the noise and NONE of the suggested remedies to relieve his distress have any effect on him.
  • Fireworks are incredibly dangerous and are often being let off in the direction of passers by, the assailants often being underage. For a start they are too cheap and widely accessible but when 15 people show up on your estate with loud rockets to be let off at open windows, innocent locals, and even fired at one another as a "game" you realise why these things should be taken off the market. Ban them, for all eternity, from the open market.
  • The effect of fireworks terrifies animals and it's unfair.


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