To: Firmus Energy

Firmus Energy- We Cannot Afford a 12.2% Increase in Domestic Gas Prices

Please review your proposed increase of 12.2% to the domestic tariff for natural gas customers.

Why is this important?

Fuel poverty is a major issue in Northern Ireland. People are already having to choose if they should ' heat or eat.' This extraordinary price hike will make it impossible for people to heat their homes, dry their clothes and wash their children.
Those worst affected will be low income families and those caring for elderly relatives or the disabled. Firmus is the main supplier of energy to those in social housing.
Firmus say that they have no choice but to pass on to the customers the increases they have had to pay on the global gas markets. This is untrue. While gas prices spiked last year, they have continued to fall since.Gas prices on international markets are now similar to the prices large companies paid in February 2016.Prior to this point gas prices had been in almost continual decline for approximately 3 years.
No one has received a 12.2% pay rise, there has been no similar increase to pensions and benefits. People simply cannot afford to pay this higher tariff. I cannot afford to heat my home.
Please sign this petition asking for Firmus Energy to reconsider their price increases. We appreciate that that they must set their prices with profit in mind but to increase the cost to customers by 12.2% is not only unfair but is also morally wrong.

Northern Ireland

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Reasons for signing

  • Im not getting a 12% pay increase
  • We all face increases on everything we pay for. But 12.2% is far and above a reasonable increase, to expect people to pay/be able to pay this is not only despicable it is downright thoughtless. Perhaps 6/7% increase may be just about acceptable but in reality 12.2% is too much to ask for or expect.
  • No Way - We Wont PAy!


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