To: The government & the gambling commission

Fixed Odds Betting Terminal invesitigation

Fixed Odds Betting Terminal invesitigation

I'd like an independent investigation into the software on Fixed Odds Betting Terminal in high street bookmakers.

Why is this important?

They claim to use a "Random Number Generator" for every single spin. I personally believe these machines follow a program, though I'm sure there is a "random" element I think there's a specific piece of code imbedded deep within the program to ensure the game reaches it's revenue targets. Most fruit machines will follow a program and pay out the Jackpot when the revenue target is reached, once this Jackpot is paid the machine will then ensure customer's lose to reach the revenue target. I feel the FOBT's follow the same program and the software ensures that whatever number the customer choses they will inevitably lose. I genuinely don't think is a conspiracy theory as I don' think those involved understand the software. If they were tested by a professional independent body, some-one who understands mathematics and probability, I honestly think they'll find piece of code that contradicts the machine is completely random. I have 20 years of experience playing these machines, I'm not a disgruntled customer trying to recoup losses. There should be no time a customer should detect a pattern, no time when they know the terminal isn't being random

This is hugely important in my eyes as the public are being told the machines are random and the unassuming punter will just think they're unlucky. Each spin should be independent from the last. The terminals could stay in the shops but they shouldn't be marketed as Random.