To: Theresa May - Prime Minister of UK and Cressida Dick - Commissioner of the Met police, London.

Free Alfie the Yorkshire terrier from his Met police secret captivity!

Free Alfie the Yorkshire terrier from his Met police secret captivity!

Please sign this petition to ask that the Met police return this lovely dog, back to his owner as soon as possible.

Why is this important?

Last week, Alfie, a tiny, 10-year-old Yorkshire terrier, was cruelly ripped from his elderly owner, 73 year-old, Mrs Claudia Settimo-Bovio, who lives in Kingston, South West London. The Met Police have vindictively claimed, that this small and gentle dog, owned by Mrs Settimo-Bovio since he was a tiny puppy, had chased a large delivery man at the front door, causing him to 'trip'. Oddly, the delivery man, claimed that Alfie, had tried to "kill" him, when all the friendly little dog was trying to do was play.
Shockingly, the Met police, raided Alfie's home, last Friday, with full force. Scotland Yard, sent 7 burly policemen, several armed-response officers, 5 police cars and 3 police vans to peace-loving Alfie's address. Alfie was "arrested" by the Met police, who are now holding at a secret address. Alfie's owner, has been traumatized by the experience. All she wants is her doggy companion back. Alfie has never hurt anyone in his whole life. All Alfie's neighbours want him back home immediately. He is seen as the communities and is well-loved by everyone. Send Alfie back home.

It is important that Alfie the dog, is returned to his owner as soon as possible, because, he and Mrs Settimo-Bovio have never been parted before in their lives. By all accounts, Alfie is a darling dog, who wouldn't hurt a fly. I am a dog lover and so is Britain. This could happen to anyone who owns a beloved pet. The public insist that the Met police, send Alfie back to his human mother for both their well-being. Alfie needs to be returned to his loving family now, and not in a month's time when there will be irreparable damage to his psyche.


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  • What nonsense have the police nothing better to do?
  • Met Police have nothing better to do than being lazy


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