To: Chris Grayling (Secretary of state for transport) Richard Burnett (chairman of the RHA)



Goverment Subsidised free parking for all HGV drivers at all motorway services

Why is this important?

HGV drivers keep the whole of the UK moving. Parking charges of between £20-£40 per night is overpriced.
Drivers are being forced to park in laybys and industrial estates at night.
Services in countries across Europe offer free parking for HGV drivers.
We need to take breaks and relax in places where we have toilet and shower facilities so that we can work to our maximum capabilities and be fully refreshed before spending 9 to 10 hours a day on the public roads.
Drivers (who are being paid not much more than minimum wage in some cases) cannot afford to park in motorway services this is affecting their health and their rights to good working conditions. More and more companies are refusing to pay for this as soaring fuel costs force them into making cut backs.
The motorway services are already over charging for other services with some not even including a free shower in their prices.
It is time the minister for transport stepped in along with the RHA (road haulage association) to find a solution to the problem

Reasons for signing

  • Just passed my theory test cpc mod 4 31st then I'm in the trucks
  • I’m a truck driver my self
  • There's no where these days in the UK


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