To: Derry City & Strabane District Council

Fund The Greenway Extension Out To Strathfoyle

Fund The Greenway Extension Out To Strathfoyle

Please do all you can to secure the funding to ensure that the Waterside Greenway is fully extended out to Strathfoyle as soon as possible!

Why is this important?

This is important because extending the greenway will:

- Connect Strathfoyle with their environment & The City of Derry
- Provide a safe and scenic walking and cycling route away from dangers
- Improve health and well-being & encourage more healthy active lifestyles
- Tackle rural isolation and social exclusion
- Improve mental health and well-being


Reasons for signing

  • The development of a cycling and walking network in the Greater Derry area is an important step in providing the infrastructure to encourage people to leave the car at home. Greenways faciliate this modal shift in transport.
  • I feel that Strathfoyle is excluded from the rest of the city and that it would make a positive impact on life.
  • it would enhance the city of derry , be a great route for runners,walkers , cyclists and connect strathfoyle , would be brilliant !!


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