To: The Government


Put an end to Gazundering. When people buy and sell their property and both parties are happy with the figures they first agree on and those figures have been received by their acting Solicitors and are signed to confirm said figures these amounts should be accepted as a done deal. Should anyone decide to back out or offer less (Gazundering) before the the final contract is signed the party trying to upset the already agreed price should be fined 10% as is normal in backing out of a contract after it has been signed.This should be the Law.

Why is this important?

Their is a lot of upset and disbelief which can upset a lot of families who may be in a chain of buying and selling and giving unnecessary costs to all those people involved just as we ourselves have found out this week, Solicitors , Packing, Removal people costs and items bought ready for the new home, in our case three families have bee affected by the actions of one of these horrible people.