To: Labour Party, The SNP, The Conservative Party, The Liberal Democrats, the Green Party

All party leaders must take part in General Election TV debates

All party leaders must take part in General Election TV debates

All major parties standing for Parliament in the June 8th General election must have their leaders take part in any Televised debates

Why is this important?

In the interests of democracy, and with issue of Brexit facing us all. We need to know where each party leader stands, and what policies they intend to campaign for. Participating in the televised debates will reach the widest audience possible.

Reasons for signing

  • I have given my consent to sign this petition as all public service representatives, by default must represent their parties polices in a public area as a given, being this is one of the most fundamental aspects of the role they are supposed to carry out, other wise they have defaulted upon their pledge to service the state.
  • The leader of this country has refused to take part in any debates in the run up to the election......what does she have to hide?
  • We want to know what they are campaigning for


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