To: Labour Party, The SNP, The Conservative Party, The Liberal Democrats, the Green Party

All party leaders must take part in General Election TV debates

All party leaders must take part in General Election TV debates

All major parties standing for Parliament in the June 8th General election must have their leaders take part in any Televised debates

Why is this important?

In the interests of democracy, and with issue of Brexit facing us all. We need to know where each party leader stands, and what policies they intend to campaign for. Participating in the televised debates will reach the widest audience possible.

Reasons for signing

  • Would you give a job to a candidate that refused to attend the interview?
  • An election with no public forum is undemocratic and does not allow the other candidates to challenge the government. It make a you wonder what the blues have to hide?
  • We need balanced meaningful debate. Labour leadership is ineffectual and unelectable. Gina Miller tactical voting to avoid a landslide. This would allow the tories not only to negotiate from a position of strength, but will also allow employee rights to be decimated and other Tory policies to be waved through the back door.


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