To: your church leader

Get churches to move their money

Get churches to move their money

Dear Church leader,

You may be aware of the Move Your Money campaign. It seems only proper that churches in this country should give a positive lead to their faithful so as to counter the baleful influence of the City and its adepts. The results of speculation and pure greed among the financial elite have included unemployment, increased suicides and a resignation among many over the connivance of politicians with their Big Money friends in the ruination of the economy. If the churches do nothing, they will further lose credibility.

Why is this important?

It has long been suspected that the Christian churches in this country ( and, no doubt, elsewhere) appear to be in thrall to the Big Money powers, as represented by the City, for example. The remaining influence which some churchmen still have could be turned to the good of working (i.e., not speculating) people, since a massive movement of church money to the ethical banks would be both a positive move and a slap on the wrists of the mega-greedy. The churches should, finally, for their own credibility, be seen to be on the side of the less-rich.

Reasons for signing

  • ..'to bring good news to the poor'
  • This all stinks of crass hypocrisy and they lose all credibility. How do they think this all looks to the poor. Is there GOD, only for the RICH???