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To: Glasgow City Council and Minister for Transport Michael Matheson MSP

Get Glasgow Moving - world-class transport for Glasgow

Get Glasgow Moving - world-class transport for Glasgow

Deliver a world-class, fully-integrated & accessible, publicly-owned, public transport network for everyone in our city.

Why is this important?

Most people in Glasgow rely on public transport to get around (only 49% of households have cars), yet our public transport network is a total mess.

Investing in public transport is essential for expanding our city’s economy, addressing inequality and social isolation, reducing toxic levels of air pollution and tackling climate change.

Bickering between political parties is letting Glasgow down. We are decades behind other cities in providing affordable and sustainable transport. We are calling for:

• a publicly-owned bus company for Glasgow
• affordable, integrated ticketing, with a city-wide smartcard and daily price cap
• bike-hire stations across the city, with free access for concessionary card holders
• a publicly-owned Transport Authority for Glasgow, with power over the entire transport network
• a coordinated, long-term vision and investment to meet the city’s transport needs


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Reasons for signing

  • The network is a mess, and the private companies' service is unaccountable to paying users. Things need to change: 1 provider, investment in public infrastructure, incentivizing greener forms of transport (safer cycle lanes, decentralized connections between margins)
  • I cycle year round and I am fed up with the pollution I'm breathing in and the lack of an integrated and safe network of cycle lanes.
  • An extension to the subway, and integration between rail and subway networks, are desperately needed.


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