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Get Paul O’Grady knighted

Get Paul O’Grady knighted

Paul O’Grady has been on tv for decades now and he does so many great things especially his love for animals. I strongly feel that Paul should be knighted and become Sir Paul O’Grady and he thoroughly deserves it so if ur a fan and would love to see him become Sir then please sign this petition
Thank you
Sam Jukes

Why is this important?

Paul O’Grady is a national treasure and has been on tv for decades and he deserves to be knighted and become Sir Paul O’Grady


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Reasons for signing

  • Because he is a genuine person who has brought so much happiness to people's lives, either through light entertainment or through his commitment to do the right thing for animals
  • Paul O’Grady is not only a wonderful comedian and performer but also an exceptional human being who has spent a large part of his life helping other people, taking care of sick children and adults and especially of abandoned animals! He deserves being knighted more than most!
  • He is a British legend.


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