To: Bristol Zoo

Get the lions at Bristol zoo a bigger/better enclosure

Get the lions at Bristol zoo a bigger/better enclosure

Please sign this petition to get Bristol Zoo to agree to get a bigger, better, more suitable outside enclosure for their lions.

Why is this important?

These poor animals are in a tiny enclosure, with no real outside space to roam like lions naturally should. They pace up and down, staring at their spectators with blank expressions. There is no need for them to be in such a small space, when the Zoo own land at the Wild Place and have a whole meadow (purely for picnics) as I gather. Give these beautiful creatures some dignity and space and let Bristol Zoo prove they are the "caring" Zoo they claim they are.

Bristol Zoo Gardens, College Road, Bristol


Reasons for signing

  • Animals need space
  • Their enclosure is far too small... any other zoo you go to, the lions don't pace. It's upsetting to see such magnificent animals reduced to the bordem that they put up with.
  • I absoulelty agree with other people. I have been to bristol zoo many of times and I think it is wrong tiny their enclosure is. They walk up and down bored, nothing to play with and no proper outing cage


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