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To: Everything 5 website owners

Get the no means no t shirt off sale

Get the no means no t shirt off sale

I want them to remove the sale of the no means no tshirt from sale as it's sending out a disgusting message and saying raping somebody when there drunk is excusable which it isn't No means no

Why is this important?

Because rape is never a joke I find it utterly disgusting they can even think about making these and selling them.Explain what's funny about this ? How can you really think it's ok to sell this ? Sending the message that if somebody's drunk no means yes it's utterly disgusting. Guessing you've never been the victim or seen the devastation of rape

Reasons for signing

  • the rape culture is bad enough without low life companies like these capitalising on it
  • Completely agree with the campaign, but I had to do some research to understand it as I couldn't read the nasty slogan underneath the phrase No Means No on my computer. Thank you for setting this up Serina, can you add something on your campaign to explain it?
  • No doubt rape culture is rife. Their website is currently down and this story has been picked up by the Daily Fail and Metro. Hopefully they've got the message.


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