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Give a mother and her children a second chance. DONT BREAK THIS BOND!

Give a mother and her children a second chance. DONT BREAK THIS BOND!

The aim of this petition is to try and stop a loving mother being deported, seperated from her children and left destitute in a country where she has nothing or no one. I would like anyone who is reading this to please sign. To try and imagine themselves in a postion like the mother, daughter and friend, I am writing about.

Why is this important?

The woman I am writing about has been living in the U.K. Since 1998 and has two sons who were both born here, whom she dotes on. She made a mistake which she regrets deeply and has nightmares about over 6 years later. However if anyone was ever a reformed character, she certainly is! She has made massive progress during her sentence, taking courses that enable her to work for the NHS, attending therapeutic programs, finding religion and being a central support figure for other prisoners.

It would be significantly emotionally damaging, not only for her friends and family, but most of all for her two young sons. It is a human right to family life. If she were to be deported this would not only breach her right to a family life, it would also take that basic human right away from her two innocent children.

No one on this earth is prefect. When given a second chance people can achieve great things. Even though they may have had the odds stacked against them. If you beleive people can change. If you beleive a child deserves a mother and if you appreciate human rights then please sign this petition. Thank you.


Reasons for signing

  • This is a woman who has turned her life around and wants to be a productive member of society. She deserves a second chance
  • As a mother I know no child should be seperated from their loving mother!
  • I beleive In human rights not just for my friends, but every person. she's a brilliant mother, friend and person.


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I've just signed the above petition. if you value human rights to private and family life please show your support by signing the above link. Thank you so much.