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To: Secretary Michael Gove, Secretary of State for Levelling Up, Housing and Communities

Give renters PROPER protection from eviction

No-one should be uprooted from their home after six months, then forced to find a new home within just 8 weeks, just so the landlord can sell up or move in. Give private renters two years’ protection from eviction, and then four months’ notice if they are asked to move out.

Why is this important?

New laws are being developed that are meant to give renters in England better rights, but they only protect renters for SIX MONTHS before a landlord can decide to sell their house or move in, and if that happens, renters will only be given a measly eight weeks to find a new home. We all deserve to be secure in our homes, and at a time when the number of rental homes are at an all-time low, this isn’t good enough. [1]

The Government originally said that renters should be given two years of protection, but have since backtracked. [2] This means that despite claiming that “no-fault” evictions will be abolished, landlords will still be able to throw renters out of their home if they decide to sell up or move in themselves. [3]

These laws are being debated right now, so if enough of us come together to demand stronger protections from eviction, they’ll be forced to listen. Six months is NOT enough time to make a house a home before being at risk of losing it: sign and share the petition today to demand renters get a secure home!

[2] [the original proposal can be found in paragraphs 3.16-3.19 of the consultation response]
England, UK

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