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Green Party to be included in BBC political debate

Green Party to be included in BBC political debate

Include the Greens in the debate.

Why is this important?

Voters are apathetic, as they perceive the establishment parties as not giving them enough choice. We need plurality in politics, not just the Establishment parties plus UKIP.

Reasons for signing

  • Disgraceful & absurd to exclude Greens if Ukip is allowed. Notwithstanding Cameron's self-interested posturing, we the electorate need to hear debate among all these parties.
  • The green perspective is an important one that all should hear and it commands a significant proportion of the UK voting preferences - this is about fairness.
  • Green party don't have the funding of the bigger parties for the publicity, or the notoriety that has got UKIP noticed. Give them a platform because they are proving popular even WITHOUT the publicity the other parties are getting. Imagine how popular they would be if more people knew what they want to achieve?


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