To: MP’s in Dorset, Bournemouth and Poole areas

Hands Free Dorset

To stop the overuse of subduing techniques of teenagers and children in our Schools and Academies, by teachers and staff in Dorset.

Why is this important?

I believe that restraining techniques are being overused by teachers and staff in schools and academies that claim to be places of learning for children and teenagers with BESD (Behavioural, emotional and social difficulties) too many schools are using restraining practices as a lazy way of getting what they want, leaving the children they restrain mentally and sometimes physically scarred and completely turned off to education with no recourse for the child or parents to take.
This campaign is for schools and academies that are using restraint techniques to have to report by law to an independent body within the Local Education Authority, so each case is investigated and reoffending schools, academies, Teachers and/or individual Staff members are stopped from using restraint techniques when unjustifiable and prosecuted for assault of a child in their care.
This campaign is to gather signatures of support so that the MP’s in Dorset, Bournemouth and Poole recognise the issue raised by this campaign and take action in Dorset for all Schools and Academies to become Hands-Free places of learning.

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