To: Andrew Mitchell MP

Hands off Good Hope Hospital

Hands off Good Hope Hospital

Please stop your campaign to change the name of the hospital from 'Good Hope' to 'The Royal Sutton Coldfield Hospital.'

Why is this important?

This change would do nothing to improve patient care and the costs of doing it would be significant. With the NHS under severe financial pressure to suggest that money to be spent on an unnecessary name change is rather insensitive. There is no apparent desire for this change among the staff or patients. The name has a long history and connects to the original benefactor and it will always be know as 'Good Hope' to those of us who have used its services. There are far more important matters affecting health care where your assistance would be appreciated.

How it will be delivered

The petition will be emailed to Andrew Mitchell and the 'Heart of England NHS Foundation Trust.'

Sutton Coldfield

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Reasons for signing

  • name changes involve significant costs in signage,stationery and anything that has the hospital name.for what purpose, it is still the same hospital with the same staff
  • if it works do not change it
  • As a resident of Sutton Coldfield, I honestly can't understand why this is an obsession of certain people in Sutton Coldfield; it makes the entire town look pathetically obsessed with the past when we need to be looking forward, or at least trying to improve things in the here and now. There are lots of issues with Good Hope Hospital, but changing its name will do sweet FA to fix them.


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