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To: Vale of Glamorgan council

Hands off Porthkerry... protect our park for wildlife and people!

Thanks to the people of Barry and wider Vale of Glamorgan we have managed to convince the Vale of Glamorgan Council to drop their plans for the commercial development of Porthkerry Country park.
I was proud to help co-ordinate the campaign and will remain vigilant to ensure this vital natural park remains a home for our local wildlife.
Thanks for your support.

Hands off Porthkerry... protect our park for wildlife and people!

We the undersigned call on the Vale of Glamorgan Council to drop their plans to lease areas of Porthkerry Country Park to private businesses in order to create camping/pods and an outdoor tourism activity.
We believe that this beautiful country park should remain for the enjoyment of both wildlife and people.

Why is this important?

Development of this much loved Country Park could lead to more parking, roads, paths and buildings and an inevitable increase in visitors, sewage and litter,in what is a very sensitive ecological Area. The idea of leasing these areas to private companies could lead to local residents being excluded from large sections of the park.
We believe that the Vale of Glamorgan Council have not considered the impact these development plans would have on the local wildlife. Porthkerry supports many vulnerable wildlife species such as adders, bats, bull finches and a number of rare tree and plant species (venomous snakes and people in tents do not mix).
Even more concerning is the fact that the Vale of Glamorgan Council has completely ignored the findings of the ground breaking "State of Nature" report. This report clearly stated that the UK has lost 40per cent of it's wildlife since the 1950's and that e everyone has a duty, including all levels of government, to do their utmost to help protect the UK's remaining wildlife. Instead of looking for development opportunities the Council should be looking at extending these parks and helping to protect our biodiversity.

Barry CF62 3BY

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Reasons for signing

  • it is not for the council to develop every single green space we have just because the councillors don't live here. Barry is a beautiful place however has been systematically destroyed by people who have no connection to it.
  • I grew up visiting this park and it has to remain open to the public in it's entirety


2018-06-18 10:39:59 +0100
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Petition is successful with 2,397 signatures

2018-06-17 18:43:48 +0100

May I express my gratitude to everyone for supporting my petition... without all your support the Vale of would never have changed their mind on developing Porthkerry Country park.
We must remain vigilant to ensure they do not change their mind. This beautiful natural park must remain a much needed home for local wildlife.
Once again thank you - Diolch
Rob Curtis

2018-06-02 18:55:31 +0100

Porthkerry Country Park will be on the agenda of the Vale of Glamorgan Council's Cabinet this coming Wednesday 6th June at 2pm... members of the public can attend...we need as many people as possible.
Remember to get your family and friends to sign our online petition!

2018-06-01 01:17:42 +0100

In order to get the Vale of Glamorgan Council to drop their plans to lease Porthkerry Country Park for commercial development we need to get more signatures...please get your family and friends to sign the petition as soon as possible!

2018-05-19 06:51:40 +0100

Dear all
We now need as many people as possible to attend the next Vale of Glamorgan Council's Cabinet meeting to witness the Cabinet debate on the recent scutiny committee decision to oppose the previous decision of cabinet to offer land in Porthkerry Country Park for commercial development.
The meeting is on Monday 21st of May starting at 2pm at the Civic offices, Holton Road.
Please encourage your family and friends to sign our petition.

2018-05-17 21:09:42 +0100

Can I thank everyone that turned up at tonight's lobby of the Council's scrutiny committee, following one and a half hours debate, the scrutiny councillors rejected the proposals following a vote. There was cross party support to protect Porthkerry Country Park (and cosmeston).
That recommendation will now go before the next meeting of the Council's cabinet.
Let's hope they do a u-turn and drop their proposals to seek commercial development of our beautiful natural park.
To keep the pressure on, we need to increase the number of people signing our petition and encourage people to display our posters to ensure the Cabinet listen to the people of Barry and the wider Vale.
Thank you for all your support to date and let's keep the fight going.

2018-05-16 12:49:00 +0100

For campaign posters email

2018-05-16 10:05:17 +0100

Please support the campaign by putting up one of our window posters "Hands off Porthkerry...keep our park for wildlife and people." Available from Rob Curtis just phone 01446 736287 and leave your name and address.

2018-05-15 19:30:30 +0100

Please write you letters of objection for this Thursday's scrutiny committee...they will need to be with the Vale of Glamorgan Council by 4pm Wednesday (tomorrow!).

2018-05-13 14:35:17 +0100

Thanks for signing my petition calling on the Vale of Glamorgan Council to drop their plans to lease large areas of Porthkerry for commercial development.
We now need your help to support a lobby of the Environment and Regeneration scrutiny committee being held at the Civic offices this coming Thursday 17th May 2018. The meeting starts at 6pm but we need poeple to meet outside the entrance at 5-30pm...please feel free to bring any banners and placards.

2018-05-13 07:43:44 +0100

1,000 signatures reached

2018-05-11 13:20:21 +0100

500 signatures reached

2018-05-10 22:02:28 +0100

100 signatures reached

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