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To: Haringey Council

Haringey Council Must Resettle Four Syrian Refugee Families by Christmas!

UPDATE: 16/11/16
Success – and it’s all thanks to you!

Today we’ve had confirmation that Haringey Council will be resettling ten Syrian refugee families in the borough via the Vulnerable Person Resettlement scheme!

However, so far no timescale has been announced for when the refugee families will arrive, so it’s crucial that we keep up the pressure and continue our campaign.

Refugees Welcome Haringey are calling on Cllr Claire Kober, leader of Haringey Council, to ensure the resettlement of four Syrian refugee families in the borough by Christmas 2016 via the Vulnerable Person Resettlement (VPR) scheme. The scheme is funded by central Government. Refugees will be living in private rented accommodation, not social housing, and will be entitled to work and claim benefits.

Please sign if you agree.

Why is this important?

Haringey has the expertise and resource available to provide a good home for many more than four families. It only remains for the Council leadership to submit a request to the Home Office. Why have they refused to do so?

The VPR scheme was established by central Government in 2014, and in September 2015 David Cameron promised to resettle 20,000 Syrian refugees during the lifetime of the current parliament. The refugees are currently in UNHCR camps in countries neighbouring Syria, and have particular vulnerabilities such as disabilities, or having survived torture, which mean they cannot safely stay in the camp environment. Each refugee is funded to a total of £20,000 over five years, which is channelled through the local authority to pay for the costs of resettlement.

So, a family of five would be funded to a total of £100,000. Four such families would be funded to a total of £400,000. These funds are already available to provide important wrap around care and support to refugees arriving through the VPR scheme. Resettling refugees through the VPR scheme would give them the opportunity for a new start.

But Cllr Kober and Haringey Council are still refusing to resettle even a small token number of refugees. They claim that central Government funding is inadequate and that they must wait until negotiations via the GLA are concluded. We agree that central Government’s role in dealing with the refugee crisis has been wholly inadequate, but there are funds available now. Eleven other London authorities – including Camden, Islington, Barnet, Tower Hamlets, Hackney, and Kingston – have started resettlements. We do not agree with using vulnerable refugees as political bargaining chips in negotiations. We must provide support for all those we can, right now.

We call on Cllr Kober to take action immediately to bring this about.

Four families by Christmas!

Please sign the petition if you agree.

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London Borough of Haringey

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Reasons for signing

  • I am of the opinion that we (people of the UK) should STOP funding irrelevant and tertiary things such as the funding to refurbish Buckingham Palace - which is a lot of money by the way. Instead, I believe the money would be better spent helping our homeless and poor, and also helping those who are seeking a better life after leaving their war-torn countries (of which our own government has involvement) .....Its the least we can do!
  • I think they deserve to have a happy life Afterall they are humans just like the rest if us
  • I would not have normally have signed for refugees as we have more than enough people struggling here in the UK; But I have to for the SYRIANS. They are genuine refugees. And they are the best of the lot - the nicest, and most decent people that I have ever met. Hopefully they can train the ´lost´ generations on how to be civil & decent human beings.


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