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Health and safety at New Beach

Health and safety at New Beach

Improve health and safety at New Beach

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11th August,2017

Dear Sir / Madam,

I am writing without malice, to inform you of the potenial hazards risking personal safety, due to what we consider to be breaches of Health and Safety on your New Beach site, in Dymchurch, Kent. These hazards are a worry to myself, fellow owners, and visitors alike.

Some of are concerns are as follows:

Fire exits are being blocked continuously by cars. Gates next the sales office often have cars blocking them, for example.

Red lines and yellow zones/boxes continually being ignored, and abused, and causing issues should the emergency services require urgent access to areas of the site.

Appropriate signage is not on the gates outlining that they are for emergency vehicles access. And any attempts at makeshift signage has often been ignored.

Wardens being unable to locate the keys to open the fire gates.

We have all ready had two incidents where ambulances were not able to gain access to the park. We feel it is only a matter of time before a tragedy happens.

We also feel that the management team are not being offered reasonable support, or given the powers 'in house', to make changes necessary to ensure the safety of everyone on your site.

We would like the following actioned:

Appropriate signage to be put up all around the site, relating to parking rules.

A parking control company to be employed to routinely check the site and action any necessary removal/moving of vehicles which could been seen as an obstructions, to be moved to a safer location within the site, or neighbouring Neptune Pub car park.
We believe that a visible presence will be a good deterrent and serve as a genuine warning. Currently, parking is out of hand and cars are left wherever the driver feels like it.

Disabled parking to be adhered to. There has been an effort to protect a disable bay for the exclusive use of disabled drivers, however, it was poorly executed and a smaller bay next to it allows anyone to take up both spaces. This is a regular occurrence. Again, because nothing is done about it.

Keys for fire/access gates to be made readily available to all Wardens for the purpose of emergency access.

For it to be policy that reception, sales, service staff are requested to advise all new holiday makers of the parking restrictions, and potential consequences, when they begin their stay.

Failure to acknowledge these issues, and take action on them, will result in me having to seek further advice from The Health and Safety Executive, National Caravan Council, Shepway District Council, and my local MP.

A petition by all of the owners requesting that you take action is also in the pipeline.

As I mentioned at the beginning of the letter, we don't wish to cause malice, or problems for the management at New Beach, we simply want to help them, and the park to be a safe environment for everyone to enjoy. Safety is paramount, after all.

Yours Faithfully,

Parv Choudhry
BA (Hons) Durham University


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Reasons for signing

  • New beach could be a lovely place to stay. It needs a look of work and improvement. Safety is one of the most important aspects of a park or it should be. Stuff really needs to get done.
  • Safety is paramount and policies should be adhered to by all


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