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To: Rishi Sunak, Chancellor of the Exchequer

Help domestic abuse survivors during the Coronavirus crisis

Give hotel rooms to domestic abuse survivors and their children during the coronavirus crisis

Why is this important?

With the nation in lockdown, victims of domestic abuse are trapped with their abusers and isolated from support. Even before Coronavirus, there weren’t enough bed places for women to leave - with 3 out of 5 women referred to refuges being turned away for lack of space. Now, rates of domestic abuse are increasing, and we’re in a national crisis.

Women’s Aid has seen a 41% increase in survivors trying to access support online. But for many women, digital support won’t be enough. Many desperately need accommodation away from abuse.

But there could be a place for these women to go. While many survivors and their children need to access safe accommodation, hotel rooms and across the country are empty due to cancelled events and travel plans.

The French government has already committed to housing those fleeing domestic abuse in hotels. In the UK, Southall Black Sisters have successfully lobbied hotels to agree to house those escaping domestic abuse. The hotels are not looking to make a profit on this - only cover their costs

We need a firm commitment from the Government that they will pay hotels across the county so that no survivor is trapped with their abuser.




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