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To: Bristol City Council and Avon and Somerset Police

Help male rape survivors

We call on Bristol City Council and Avon and Somerset Police to recognise male rape to encourage male survivors to come forward to get help and report the crime.

Why is this important?

This is important to me, because there's a lack of awareness that men can get raped or sexually assaulted despite the recent male rape attack in Bristol.

According to UK charity Mankind 1 in 29 have reported being sexually assaulted and 1 in 20 have been affected by sexual violence.

There's a huge denial that male rape exists, rooted in mistaken ideas that 'real' men can fight off an attacker, women cannot rape men, and male rape only happens in prison.

These mistaken beliefs make it hard for male survivors to come forward, because they are left with feelings of shame, confusion and self blame for what happened.

That's why we need the council and police to publicly recognise male rape to make it easier for male rape survivors to get the help they need and to report the crime.

Bristol, United Kingdom

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Reasons for signing

  • all human beings of all cultures , religions,creeds ,genders and sexual orientations have the right to feel safe in their communities, schools and workplaces .Services should be in place to support all victims and survivors of rape and sexual assault.
  • Rape is an awful thing to happen to anyone, and the myths surrounding male rape need to be ended so people can get the support they need.
  • As a rape survivor myself, and a person who believes that gender is very much a construct, there is no difference between the rape of someone who is called a woman and someone who is called a man, or someone who is called a different gender/s. Rape is rape and it is a problem we must all tackle. Lets figure out the roots of this problem and what is causing rapists to rape in our culture and attitudes.


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Thanks to everyone who has signed and please share this with friends and family. Dan

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