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To: UK Supermarkets

Reduce supermarket waste of fruit and vegetables

Reduce supermarket waste of fruit and vegetables

Stop supermarkets from only accepting perfectly sized fruit and veg!

Why is this important?

Farmers are throwing away tonnes of fresh food because supermarkets only accept “perfect” fruit and vegetables of an exact shape and size.

The supermarkets are worried misshapen potatoes put customers off. But we are their customers - so let’s tell them we’ll buy fruit and veg that looks the way mother nature intended it. A huge petition, powered by shoppers, could convince supermarket bosses to stop rejecting perfectly good food.


Reasons for signing

  • Its all about taste NOT shape, I would love to buy natural food and dirty which will last longer, not washed
  • Waste on this scale is disgusting when so many people on our own doorsteps have to rely on Foodbanks or go hungry. To think farmers are going out of business because of this cosmetic obsession is unforgiveable.
  • You're gonna chop it up anyway. Why does it matter what shape it was to start with?!


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