To: Woking Borough Council

Help us keep our Home Support teams for our vulnerable & elderly citizens

Please continue to provide funding for dedicated Home Support Workers who support over a thousand elderly and vulnerable people.

Why is this important?

Surrey County Council have decided to withdraw all funds supporting our valuable Home Support Teams.

Many residents feel cheated and betrayed - why?

Because they only moved into "Sheltered Accommodation" when they were assured that Home Support was available. Many having turned down "Granny Flats" in order to preserve their independence, now they are stuck!

Vulnerable and elderly residents in Sheltered Accommodation rely on this support.
Viv Y. who is now ninety says " we have been so lucky to have our lovely Home Support Angels - without them I would be in hospital. With their support and dedication I have not blocked a bed in hospital and can be in the familiar surroundings of my own home and lovely neighbours"

Nora S. -" If this service is withdrawn I shall have to move somewhere more secure. I owe so much to Home Support for helping me stay in my own home. It would be a wonderful Christmas present for us all if this threat could be lifted"

The Home Support teams have largely taken upon themselves myriad problems that arise on a day-to-day basis in residential establishments for elderly and vulnerable people. In fact they take on problems way beyond their remit because they care. Arguably, without Home Support many residents would either be hospitalised or relying on other emergency services such as Doctors,Fire Services and police incurring further costs that outweigh the proposed savings. .

How it will be delivered

Please, sign our petition so that we can present our case to the authorities to make them think again about this problem.

Furthermore, our petition will draw publicity from the media - TV,newspapers etc.

This problem is not going to go away. We need to convince the authorities that this is not just a financial issue but a moral one too.


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Reasons for signing

  • It is important that elderly and disabled people have a person who knows them to deal with everyday situations and emergencies that may arise.
  • It's false economy to do this . The elderly will end up in hospital without support
  • Help and care is necessary for elderly and vulnerable people. It enables them to go on being independent and happy. Withdrawing that care is just cruel!


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