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Help wrexham homeless

Help wrexham homeless

I would like to see a bigger sheltered accomodation for the homeless of wrexham, at min the nite shelters are first come first they out 8 in morning bk in by 5ish theres not enought room to shelter all homeless, you are talking about wrexham drug problem well if you made and invested in a home that educated them and they mental heath issues thinks would change iv been on street and taked to them

Why is this important?

Becuse iv been were they are we are its 2017 and its time for change every one needs a roof over they head a bed some were warm not a shop door way


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Reasons for signing

  • It's a fact that someone's basic needs must be met before someone can actually function to a decent level, basic needs are food, water, shelter and warmth! Sign this to do something to help another person
  • Nicola Price is helping the homeless and I think she is amazing for getting her voice heard and getting people joining in to stick by the homeless people
  • Hope it helps and people have them life back to normal and have a passion to look forward...not just live one day ....maybe governments start do something to help them people who deserve better life as well !


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