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To: Lancashire county council

Heysham Port & Heysham Village speed limits

Heysham Port & Heysham Village  speed limits

The area of the port and half moon bay needs a road speed limit review and a speed camera or traffic calming digital sign (which would display the individuals speed limit as often these are more affective than speed cameras). Speed calming measures are a vital necessity as these areas are regularly used by parents and children walking with pets along these roads from local amenities on the entrance road to the port, ocean edge caravan park crossing and most concerning the zoo cafe which leads from smithy lane and half moon bay car park. More often than not they come across speeding motorist just ignoring the speed limit

Why is this important?

This week a little girl was just missed by a car but unfortunately her little dog was not missed and was thrown into the air thus killing her dog, As a concerned local resident in the village i previously requested a review last year but received no response from LCC.

Heysham, Morecambe

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Reasons for signing

  • these idiots should not be driving putting lives at risk
  • They speed from the by-pass down to the Port, my dog got run over. My dog could of been a child or another dog, or even horse riders as we have experienced the speed they pass.
  • Because its only a matter of time before a child is killed we have as a community tried time and time again to get speed bumps and 20mph zones and we have now decided enough is enough and will not stop till we need to save a childs life.


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